Knowledge is power
Information is an important element in the life of companies. It enables companies to play a pioneer role in the competitive arena, retains sustainability. Information should be evaluated and used as a factor of manufacturing to create value
Quality Management
Quality is in the nature of Novi Technology. Producing high quality products that will meet the
needs and expectations of our customers has always been the driving policy of our company.
Information Security
Novi Technology is committed to protecting the reputation and information assessts of its customers and helps them undertake the key and supporting business activities with the least possible interruption.

In our World of knowledge  the way to create value  is not only to create physical assets but to  use knowledge sources effectively.

Novi Technology, with its team of experienced experts and human resources organization, provides services in the areas of Information Technologies and Business Intelligence & Data Mining. Novi Technology offers its customers the high quailty service of software development, project implementation, technical support and maintenance, training and consultancy in the area of data analysis.

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Data Analysis and Business Intelligence Consultancy
Novi Technology provides services with its expertise and diverse perspectives driven form the successfully achieved Business Analytics projects. Novi Technology offers Data Analysis and Reporting Consultancy by using its deep knowledge of methodology, experience in conceptual processes, ability to work with different organizations and communication skills.
Information Security Consultancy
Information is priceless for your company. It is now compulsory for companies to structure an Information Security Management System, apply in real life situations and maintain its sustainability. Novi Technology is certified with ISO 27001 and with our authorized consultants we help you structure your Information Security Management System and provide you with the necessary support to help maintain the sustainability of your system.
Information Systems Consultancy
In order to apply the information based management system , it is important that information technology strategies and road maps are set clearly and the enterprize sources are used effectively. With its team of experts and strategic business partners in the area of information technology solutions, Novi Technology offers solutions that will make enterprizes gain competitive advantages.
Production Management Systems Consultancy
Manufacturing Execution Systems ( MES ) are wide and effective IT projects that include and influence many resources of manufacturing businesses . By analyzing production management processes, we provide consultancy services such as the writing of expectations and developing / supplying IT projects that meet your goals.


What our users are saying

With NoviBI Bussiness Intelligence and Decision Support System, we transform our data of farm and herd management processes into knowledge. By using NoviBI, we have strengthened our business continuity and productivity. This also helped us strengthen our corporate operations.
NoviBI Bussiness Intelligence and Decision Support System enables us to prepare complicated reports in a very short time. We can integrate data from different data bases and softwares in our company and can transform them into meaningful information. This helps us be sure of the usage of real time and immediate information in our decision making processes.
By using NoviWCM ( World Class Manufacturing) methodologies, we provide the necessary data flow to collect errors, lost data and to set priorities.We focus on the refining processes by running instant analysis of the actual data.
We manage our operations with NoviWCM Quality Management System developed by Novi Technology. This helps us reach the WCM standards and increase our competitive power and enables us to take our operations to a world-wide quality. The data collected by NoviWCM Mobile and the instant analysis run by NoviWCM, support us to refine and develop our processes systematically.