Information is one of the most important assessts of a company, therefore it has to be protected with utmost care.

Information Security Consultancy provides protection from internal and external threats in order to maintain sustainalibity , avoid any possible mulfunction and increase the advantages in an establishment.

Nowadays business enterprises and governmental institutions use information extensively to carry on their activities. During time, the importance given to information has increased. Keeping and saving information haven’t met the rapidly changing needs of enterprizes , thus ,it is now a vital need to transfer it from one place to another.

This dependancy of information brought forward the need of protecting it. In other words, information has the VIP place amongst all the other assessts of an enterprize. Any possible attacks to information, such as destroying, deleting, destroying of its unity and confidentiality , cause corruption of information infrastructure which also hinders enterprizes’ activities.

Whatever form the information takes, it has to be protected in an appropriate way. In order to provide information security , it is important that its confidentiality, unity and usability are kept in a sufficient level.

The most commonly used standard is the ISO / IEC 27001 Implementation Practices for Information Security Management standard .

Using our expertise in Information Technologies, we operate in the below mentioned areas with our team of experts.

  • Analysis of assessets and risk
  • Paterning management system
  • Process and Project Management
  • Documentation
  • Putting the system in life
  • Updating, developing and tracking
  • Internal and external supervision