The rapid change and developments of the Information Technologies in the recent years, affect the ways businesses are run.

The increase in the use of knowledge in an information society, change the form of the work process in businesses. Knowledge and workforce  are considered to be more important than funding in work processes.

This change, derives the necesstiy of  understanding  information based management for the sustainable  development in the globalized World.

In order to apply the information based management system , it is important that information technology strategies  and road maps are set clearly and the enterprise sources are used effectively

Novi Technology, with its experienced experts and strategical work partners , provides solutions which help enterprises get the most advantage in their working area.

We are spreading the understanding of infomation based management philosophy to all of our partners .We help produce knowledge continuously which provides competitive advantages for our customers.

We provide consultancy in the following areas :

  • Analysis of the Existing Information Technologies Mode / status
  • ( Software,Hardware, Network,Internet,etc )
  • Indentifying Existing Problems and Developing Solutions
  • Re-configuring Information Technologies
  • Setting Information Technologies Enterprise Strategies and Goals
  • ERP and Process Consultancy
  • Data Security Strategies and Supervision
  • Analysis of Management Decision Support System