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Today, competition does not define boundaries. In order to capture success in a competitive environment, it is necessary to respond quickly to changing market conditions by taking quick decisions.

  • It enables businesses to make fast and accurate decisions, to identify strategies and to reach the data required to measure the results of the strategies they apply, quickly and reliably.
  • A reporting system that helps companies to make effective decisions and helps optimize their business performance.
  • Easy and flexible use allows you to create quick reports and visualize your data.
  • Create unlimited number of database connections, allowing you to create and analyze numerous reports for data stored in different environments.
  • Information is the most important and most powerful value for organizations.
  • For sustainable competitive advantage, it has become imperative to use the power of information more effectively and to integrate information directly into business processes for more accurate decisions.
  • Numerous data flows from the operational systems, vendors, sales organizations, markets and social media to the Institutions with the rapid development of technology.
  • Management is difficult and time-consuming to analyze, since this data is usually generated in different software.
  • Big Data with its current name puts a serious workload on companies' information technology and reporting departments, making it difficult for decision-makers to reach the right information quickly.
  • Data can become meaningful information when it is compiled in clear forms with correct viewpoints, and can serve the decision support mechanism.
  • When we look at the process, we are talking about a real decision-support mechanism in the form of data information, information interpretation, interpretation decision and decision-making.
  • Business intelligence enables organizations to use their resources more efficiently by translating information into applications.
  • Supports more effective use of resources to increase operational efficiency, smarter and more agile.

NoviBI by gathering information from different sources offers  solutions such a

  • Fast and flexible inquiry,
  • Complete and accurate data analysis,
  • Ability to create personalized reports,
  • Data analysis without the need for IT support,
  • Operational and financial monitoring of business performance,
  • Analysis of problems and successes and revision of the strategy accordingly.

Organizations can increase productivity by re-planning their workflows with analysis and reports provided by business intelligence systems, save money by seeing unnecessary expenses in costs, and gain a competitive edge by seeing business opportunities.